The Educators' Circle and Breakthrough Ambassadors

Breakthrough Greater Boston's Individual Leadership Donors

Members of the Educators’ Circle have contributed $2,500 or more in support of our programs in the current or previous fiscal year. Breakthrough Ambassadors have contributed $1,200 or more in support of our programs in the current or previous fiscal year. We salute these generous donors for their shared vision of educational equity and their recognition of Breakthrough Greater Boston as a means to its achievement. 

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You may also mail your donation, payable to "Breakthrough Greater Boston," to:
P.O. Box 381486
Cambridge, MA 02238

2016-2017 Educators’ Circle Members 
Hempleman Family
Richard and Elizabeth Cashin
Trudi Veldman and Robert Kamen*

Beth Grady and Duncan Spelman 
Christine Gilman and Tom Andrews* 
Elizabeth and Melville Hodder* 
Nancy Klemm Friedman and Richard Friedman* 

Caroline Carmichael and Bill Pelosky*
Charlotte and Herb Wagner
Jim and Susan Kelleher*
Jon Biotti and Leslie Jeng* 
Joseph and Debra Corrado
Ronn Bronzetti and Sara Reineman* 

Anne and Paul Goldenheim*
Barbara and Michael Eisenson
Charles and Miriam Wood
Jeffrey and Kate Davis*
Joy Lucas and Andrew Schulert
Miriam McKendell and James Zachazewski* 
Paul and Wendy Rapisarda
Rich Meelia

Amy Wendel
Andy Offit* 
Claudia and Peter Scott
Elizabeth Adams and Clifford Lasser* 
Jeff Saunders*
Katherine Metcalfe and Langdon Wheeler 
Louise Bray*
Marcy Crary and Tim Hall*
Melanie Forbes Goins and Jason Goins*
Paul and Cathy Braverman
Saul Pannell and Sally Currie

Ann and Mead Wyman
Brian Linde
David and Susan Rockefeller
Don Hawley
Jacob and Barbara Brown
Janet and David Offensend
Kenya and Jennifer Rutland
Lee Stone
Lenore Cowen and William Bogstad
Margherite and Andrew Matteis
Mark and Amanda Egan*
Mark and Kimberly Campbell
Michael and Sue-Ellen Haynes*
Peter and Babette Loring
Peter Cory and Maxine Creanza

2016-2017 Breakthrough Ambassadors
Acheson Callaghan 
Alan Dworsky and Suzanne Werber Dworsky 
Angela and Jason Duckworth
Angelo Amico
Ann and Edwin Kania 
Ann Berman and Samuel Spektor Jr.
Asya Grinberg an Alexander Ivanov
Barbara and Dick Currier
Barbara Piette
Baruch Ticho and Allison August
Brad Howarth and Dave Bastien* 
Charles and Deborah Douglis*
Daniel Roderigues
Derek Whitney
Edwin Johnson and Susan Lenn Johnson* 
J. Dayne Lamb and Gardner N. Stratton 
Janet and David Offensend
John and Bonnie Olsen
Kathryn Miranda
Matthew Patton 
Max Follettie and Lioudmila Tchistiakova*
Mike Burns 
Molly and Jeffrey Millman 
Rosemarie and Stephen DeFalco
Sandra and Stephen Doran
Stephen and Ann Gardiner
Zachary Jefferson

*Indicates member of the Sustainers' Circle: Individuals making a three-year pledge to support Breakthrough Greater Boston.

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