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At Breakthrough Cambridge, practice is informed by current research. What do Breakthrough students need to reach their full academic potential and how can we ensure their success? Our research summaries invite you to consider the latest knowledge upon which our practices are based.

Overcoming the Barriers to College05-Mar-2010

Over the past 30 years, college-going has increased for all groups of students – that’s good news. The bad news is that there are still huge gaps in the rates of college attendance between groups of students. Students who would be first in their family to attend college, low-income stude...Continue Reading

Middle Grades: The Fork in the Road to College22-Jan-2010

Did you know that research shows that the level of academic achievement students attain by eighth grade has a significant impact on students’ college and career-readiness? This month’s research brief reviews the research on why the middle grades are such a pivotal time in students’...Continue Reading

Factors that support academic success22-Jul-2009

In addition to the rigorous academic content that Breakthrough teachers have been teaching this summer, Breakthrough teachers have also been working hard to get their students excited about learning, instill confidence in their students and help students reimagine their futures. These efforts to mot...Continue Reading

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