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Breakthrough Greater Boston Releases Report on Summer Learning Results

Published: 02-Dec-2016

Breakthrough Greater Boston Releases Report on Summer Learning Results

Breakthrough Greater Boston (BTGB) released the results of their annual summer learning report during their last night’s annual Breakthroughs in Education event hosted at Google. The report is based on their six-week Summer Program, the flagship of the BTGB experience.  The report details the progress of 200 students across the two Breakthrough campuses in Boston and Cambridge. The 200 students in the program are 100% students of color, 80% low income and on track to be the first in their family to go to college. 

Over the course of the Summer Program, BTGB students made significant academic gains.  Close to 100% improved their skills in the core subjects of writing and science. Students who participated for two or more summers in BTGB’s programming made as much as six months of growth in math over the course of just six weeks.  Students emerged from the summer one month ahead in reading, as opposed to experiencing the average of two to three months

regression that is typically seen as a result of summer learning loss.


View the 2016 Summer Program Outcomes report here.

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