Our Students

Breakthrough Greater Boston students love learning and are determined to achieving the goal of four-year college. Reflective of their high levels of motivation, students commit to BTGB for six years in order to realize their dreams.

Each year, Breakthrough Greater Boston serves over 10% of seventh through twelfth grade students attending the public schools in Cambridge. Breakthrough recruits in every sixth grade classroom across the city and accepts students who are willing to make a multi-year commitment to the program and who are serious about pursuing the goal of college.

The one in ten children we serve in Cambridge are those young people who need our services the most: 90% of our students are of color (versus 64% district-wide), 85% of our students are low income (versus 45% district-wide), 49% speak languages other than English at home (versus 27% district-wide), and 50% will be the first generation in their families to go to college.

Click here to see where Breakthrough Greater Boston students have been accepted to college in 2011.

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